Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Night Supper

My sweetie is visiting this week and tonight was my turn to host dinner for the gang from church. Since our church's Wed. night supper is on vacation for the summer, a group of us (all gay) decided to keep it going by getting together 3 Weds. each month at suppertime.

We do a movie night, a dinner night and an activity night.

Well, my sweetie and I spent the day preparing to host the dinner night tonight and we had a wonderful time, both during the preparation and during the dinner itself!!

Some of you may know that I am kind of a beginning cook, so we tried to keep it somewhat simple: spaghetti with homemade Parmesan bread, an arugula salad and a pound cake.

It was a rousing success!!!

If you are willing to overlook a few things :).

We were making so many things at once that we forgot to stir the spaghetti. The bread stuck to the stoneware loaf pan, so we lost its bottom. We didn't have as many strawberries as we'd thought, so we couldn't make the creative strawberry shortcake we'd planned to make. Instead, we decided we'd put a dollop of whipped cream on each slice and put half a strawberry in the middle as garnish.

Turned out we didn't have to do that because (we'd forgotten) it was the birthday of one of the ladies there and someone brought a birthday cake!

The spaghetti tasted great, as did the bread and the salad.

It was a great meal and the company was wonderful!