Thursday, December 27, 2007

Healing Experience

Just had a powerful and interesting healing experience.

I was sitting out on my balcony, doing some reiki, and I could tell things were shifting, that I was letting go of beliefs and blocks. But that was all I could tell. Then, some affirmations came to me ... that I was willing, and that I was becoming ready. As I felt inspired to say them, I became aware of releasing the resistance.

Then, some thoughts came to me that I knew were expressions of the healing that was taking place...

I am becoming who I am. I am letting go of who I am not.

I am about to give birth to me.

I am one whole being. All of me is me.

The healing felt intense at times, and I had fleeting questions about whether or not I could "stand it". But also, I felt a really amazing sense of peace, a deep peace, and spiritual connection.

And as I was working on myself, I felt my body integrating in a way that it hasn't done before. Although I'm not sure what that means, I know that it's true. I even had a visual impression of parts of my body connecting to each other and becoming whole, becoming a tightly-knit unit, wholly connected.

I didn't know this was coming, but now, I'm glad I've had such a quiet, peaceful day.

And now, I'm even more curious about and eager to discover what's next!

Sweet Potato Pie

After a breakfast of champions, an apple cinnamon bar, sweet tea, a piece of sweet potato pie and a cookie, I decided to surf the 'net and watch another Christmas movie. This one, picked by my son, is called the Christmas Card.

"You've stood watch a long time now. Maybe it's time to find out what's next..."

Great quote from the movie.

I am eager to find out what's next...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day Reflections...

On Monday night, my son and I went to our church's Christmas Eve service and it was magical!!

The liturgical dancers, the soloists, the readings, the dim lighting and the candlelight singing in the courtyard, even the clown, were all amazing.

On Christmas morning, he and I opened presents here and then, went to my mom's to open gifts. It was a 3-hour long extravaganza, complete with yummy pancakes, after which, I was quite tired and not inclined to see or talk to anyone for a while. I had planned to come back and watch Miracle on 34th Street, but instead, we watched Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus.

I wasn't feeling so good yesterday and I'm not feeling so good today, either! It's kinda getting me down a little. Though I love to choose to relax, I hate to be sidelined! And I'm a little worried, but trying to think positively.

Today, we had more gifts to open. Our presents from my wife were stuck in the apartment's office so we couldn't get them until this morning. Jonathan was SO excited to open them and then, so pleased with them, as was I!

That's him, above, looking through his new binoculars! :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Long Day's Journey into *Tired* Night...

Whew! What a long day it has been!!

But good. We've been focusing on Advent in church these past few weeks, and today, we began to sing Christmas songs/carols. And to talk more as if the time has come. It was very exciting! And we were given these strips of cloth at the beginning of the season to carry around with us every day. I put mine on my purse. Well, today, we took them up to the altar area and laid them on top of the manger. I think during tomorrow's service, they will be transformed into swaddling clothes.

Well, I got chills from walking up there, seeing the manger and the strips! We've done it for the past couple of years that I've been going, but this has been the first Christmas season in years that I've been able to go every Sunday and really devote my full attention to anticipating Jesus.

So, I think it hit me harder than usual.

After church, we went to the natural foods store, to my mother's house for lunch and then, to the grocery store. By the time we got home, we were both worn out and I got to hang out with Whiny McWhiner until his bedtime!

Ahh, well...