Friday, March 28, 2008

A Million Dollar Friday Five

From Singing Owl at RevGalBlogPals...

"My husband and I started musing (after watching "Deal or No Deal") about what we could do with a million dollars. I thought I'd just bring that discussion into the Friday Five this week. It's simple. What are five things you would want to do with a million dollar deposit in your bank account?"

1) Build my dream house: a log cabin on a lake

2) Put most of the rest of the money in savings, but donate some to my church

3) Live modestly off the interest of whatever is left after buying the house

4) Work part-time in my healing practice (maybe one day a week)

5) Spend more time with family and friends

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Opening the Heart

Not only did I work on clearing, I also did some work on opening my heart, and I felt so much better afterward!

I've been having a great work day!!

I had a session with a client who was stuck with regard to the issue being worked on so I offered to do some distant healing work right then and there and then, call back to check on the progress. I prayed for it to be really powerful and unstick the client :).

When I checked back and used my intuitive testing technique to determine where the client was, there was a 30% increase in healing that issue. WOW! What I used was a combination of the Healing Codes, reiki and crystals.

So that inspired me to do some distant energy work on a friend of mine and with that issue, there was a 40% reduction in the problem.

Another client today was having a healing response and through my distant healing work, I was able to clear him of it in about 5 minutes. He told me that his headache cleared completely and so did his dizziness. And I didn't even know that those were his symptoms but while I was working on him, I saw stuff coming out of his head. I believe that angels help me when I heal and I intuitively saw them pulling energy out of his head. How cool!

I am so encouraged and inspired by all that happened today!! It really reinforces the direction I want to shift into, which is doing more distant healing work. How exciting!

Closed for Repair

For the second day in a row, when I took my walk, I felt distant as I approached, stood in front of and walked by the trees. Even the one I call the love tree!

Today, I stood there a little longer in silence and considered what might be going on with me. I thought about the fact that I'd been quite prickly this week and had not felt well. And coincidently, I'd done some major healing work on an old childhood wound just this past Saturday. Hmm. Maybe not such a coinkidink, after all.

A few minutes went by and I began to perceive an energy barrier between me and the trees. I pictured my heart opening, which seemed like a way to tell myself that currently it was closed. Perhaps it has been closed for repair. And maybe that's what that energy barrier was all about.

My son was clingy for a couple of days this week. They are incredibly sensitive to what happens with us. I had thought it was because he didn't feel well, and indeed, we've both been under the weather. But perhaps we've both been clearing. Releasing.

I believe that when you heal, you heal backwards, forwards and sideways, so he would have benefited from the work I did, too.

I think that explains a lot of what we've been experiencing! I just didn't recognize it. Once you start healing, nothing ever presents itself clearly, even on exit, because it doesn't look the same.

Well, anyway, I suppose I'll stop writing and go do some active clearing!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

As I anticipated Easter, during the few days leading up to it, I wasn't sure what I was celebrating. My beliefs have shifted a bit. I no longer believe that Jesus "had to die" to appease an angry God, so that He wouldn't be angry at us anymore.

So I wasn't sure what His death and resurrection meant without that belief. I'm still not sure!

Nonetheless, the Easter service I attended was absolutely wonderful!! The music, the liturgical dancers, it was all very moving.

Here's one of the songs that moved me so, especially the chorus...

Oh, how I love Him
How I adore Him
My breath, my sunshine, my all in all
The Great Creator became my Savior
And all God's fullness dwelleth in Him