Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Official!

"With wide-open hearts and joyful smiles, we delightfully welcome you to the class of 2008-2010. The gifts you offer the Circle bring a depth of goodness for us all. The wealth of life experience and the diversity of the wider group promise us opening, deepening, and an exciting journey together."

I'm going to train to be a spiritual director!!

And it starts next weekend!

There are nine weekend retreat trainings in all in addition to everything we do in between. I'm excited!

Jonathan is a little less than excited :). When I first told him, he said several times that he didn't want me to do it.

But guess what! I had told him about the weekends, but then, realized that because of kooky flight schedules, I'm actually going to have to get there a couple of days early this first time. So before I told him that, I made him hold an amethyst crystal in one hand and a rose quartz crystal in the other for 10 minutes or more.

He was SO calm when I told him! I mean, he hugged me and made a few quiet murmurings about not wanting me to go so soon, but he kept holding the crystals and basically, was fine. And has been all day.

Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to pack!

I know it will be cold there (retreat center near Iowa), but should I take my boots? *Ponders*

A Prayerful Friday Five

Prayer is a joy to some of us, and a chore to others, waiting likewise can be filled with anticipation or anxiety....So how do you wait and pray?

1. How do you pray best, alone or with others?

Alone, using contemplative prayer or healing techniques with visualization.

I rarely use words anymore, or not very many.

2. Do you enjoy the discipline of waiting, is it a time of anticipation or anxiety?

No I can be rather impatient. It depends, though. When I am sure of something, I enjoy anticipation, sometimes more than what I'm waiting for, really. But if I am unsure, I hate waiting.

3. Is there a time when you have waited upon God for a specific promise?

Well, I am sure there have been several! But the one that just came to mind began when I was 9 years old. I was being abused and basically, had a sort of out-of-body experience where I told God I wasn't going back.

God promised me that if I did, I would be healed and my life would be happy.

Well, the unfolding of that promise took more than 30 years!! But God kept that promise.

4. Do you prefer stillness or action?

Stillness. In prayer and in life, in general.

(*cough* Couch potato *cough*) (*cough* Love to read *cough*)

5. If ( and this is slightly tongue in cheek) you were promised one gift spiritual or otherwise what would you choose to recieve?

Wealth! (Hello...)


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday Two: Care Package

When I was in college, I looked forward to getting care packages from my family. I think the idea of it felt even better than the real thing did when it arrived. They say it's the thought that counts and I tend to agree!

Yesterday, a care package arrived from my wife, with presents for me and my son and "the perfect card" that she has been excited for me to receive ever since she found it.

It started me thinking today about care packages, both physical and figurative (emails, PMs, pics, phone calls). So here's a Tuesday Two about care packages...

1) What have you received recently, literally or figuratively, that made you feel loved?

My sweetie's perfect card! Here's a quote from it...

"I know it's crazy for me to think you're never more than a heartbeat away when there are so many miles between us. But in the precious moments when we're together, it's like the stars are perfectly aligned and everything's right with the world. And those moments are so incredible, that once they've passed, I can't get them--or you--off my mind."

2) What have you done recently, literally or figuratively, to express love or caring for someone else?

I created a scrapbook for my wife and sent it to her. In addition to pictures of us, and our family, I included journaling which expressed how much I love her and how much she means to me.

Bonus question: what has happened recently between you and God recently that felt like a demonstration of God's love for you?

Through a series of circumstances, I was able to get more clear about what I think I am meant to do.


So that's our Tuesday Two, gay Christian bloggers (and friends)! Post a link in the comments if you play.