Saturday, December 15, 2007

Missing the Moon

For about two minutes, I sat out on the balcony, looking at the place where the moon should be, listening to the pitter patter of the rain and lifting my face to the occasional breeze that drifted in and then, out, again. Before heading in, I wondered briefly why this afternoon's strawberry milkshake hadn't cheered me up more and fantasized about sipping from a glass of wine as I gazed moonward.

It's so cloudyfoggy outside and has been all day! Normally, I love the rain but today, I guess I needed warmth and comfort instead of fresh, airy freedom.

It has been a blah day, kind of mundane.

I miss my sweetie and I won't get to talk to her tonight because she has a day-long work conference followed by dinner. I am likely to be in bed by the time she gets home.

But in about 45 minutes, I'll be watching what I hope will turn out to be a mildly engaging, slightly-silly-but-romantic holiday movie. I've decided against the Hallmark epic romance I was considering, which would require more emotional energy than I want to spend tonight, and am opting, instead, for the family channel.

At some point, while watching, I will dive into my nightly bowl of cereal while looking for Brokeback Mountain or Sports Night slash to read.

And maybe later, I'll laugh while watching Will & Grace. I'm smiling just thinking about it! :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Five

I love reading the RevGalBlogPals blog and the wonderful groups of blogs it has referred me to in the past few weeks!

They posted the following "Friday Five" and I thought I'd play...

What makes you rejoice about:

1. Waiting? The sense of anticipation and curiosity. Who knows what wonderful thing might be on the way to my life?

2. Darkness? Getting to spend more time with the moon. Lighting candles and feeling cozywarm at home.

3. Winter? Apple cider, apple pie, hot chocolate, soups and casseroles. Also, curling up in front of a fire.

4. Advent? Getting to think about the gift of Jesus' birth every day of December.

5. Jesus' coming? That God reached out to us in love and gave us a way to see it physically and experience it with skin on.

A Winter's Nap

I have to admit I'm giggling a little about this title. Winter's Nap.

Although I did take a wonderful afternoon nap, with Shawn Colvin's holiday lullaby CD playing sweetly in the background, it is at least 70 degrees outside and was warmer than that before the sun began to leave. And yet, it did have the feel of a nap in winter!

My body definitely slows down as the days shorten and napping grows in its appeal. I think I enjoy naps much more during this season, even more than I enjoy nighttime sleep.

And doesn't it feel a little like the whole world is getting ready to take a nap? I can feel it!

There are these parallel tracks. On one, there's all this holiday hustle and bustle, with bright lights, sparkling, glittery colors and loud, festive music. Every other day there's a party to go to and people thrust out brightly-wrapped presents with really big grins. I'm not on that track anymore and haven't been for several years now. I buy my presents in the summer and fall and hand them out while everyone is still wearing sandals and shorts, or at least, before the first heavy jacket.

On another track, the days begin to start out with chill and sometimes, frost, and the heater is heard coming on and then, resting. People wear long sleeves. Apple cider gets passed around. We ever-more-reluctantly throw back not just covers but blankets and leaving the house becomes far less pleasant than returning. Colors fade and sounds soften. And there's a coziness that just has "nap" written all over it!

Another great day!

In our homeschooling, Jonathan and I talked about the different ways people celebrate the holidays. He was interested in celebrating Hanukkah and disappointed when he found out that that ship had just sailed. But there is an opportunity to experience Winter Solstice and he was quite interested in that, as well.

I'm not sure what all we will do.

I'd be interested in making prayer sticks but they'd have to be symbolic. And then, I'd have to figure out what the "ground" would that would receive them on the 21st. Neat idea, though. We will probably do some candle lighting. And a look back at last year's "darkness", the things we are less happy about in the grand scheme of things, as we prepare for more "light" and a better year next year.

Although I don't think we will combine the two in any kind of dramatic way, we have been celebrating Advent, too, and that provides a great opportunity to express hope for the year to come and our future, in general.

I love this season!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas on the Balcony

What a peaceful day it has been!!

Most recently, I've been hanging out on the balcony, feet propped up, surrounded by sunshine, listening to Shawn Colvin's soothing Christmas music, while Jonathan creates magnificent inventions on leftover paper from a homeschooling assignment. It felt and feels so wonderful, I had to share it in blog-like fashion!

Earlier, this morning, we took a walk around the apartment complex and talked again about how our favorite ways to connect with God. We both agreed on taking walks!

I only had three scheduled clients this afternoon, so Jonathan was with me all day, and he did "homework" while I worked with my clients. I love these days!! I have such a great time homeschooling him, but it's even better on full days like today, when I don't have to sandwich our time with the big thick meat of work in between.

The clouds are beautiful today! Big, thick, white and fluffy. There's a breeze, mostly light, occasionally a bit heavier and I love it when it makes the trees whisper to each other.

I think it's snack time now. I'm taking a break from the wonderfully healthy and deciding on bread-with-butter and apple cider. At least they will be natural (the bread) and organic (the butter and cider)! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Feminine Face of God

I saw the moon today. In fact, I'm looking at it right now!

It's only a quarter moon, but still, I find it enormously soothing and comforting. I was staring at it and thinking about that a few minutes ago and thought, "the feminine face of God."

I facilitated a Sunday school class recently and asked everyone to write down characteristics of their ideal hero. And then, I had them flip the card over and describe their ideal leader. In both of my lists, I used words like "female" and "feminine".

Later in the class, I asked them to compare those lists to their experience of God. Does God seem to embody those ideal characteristics? He does for me, but I realized quite some time ago that I didn't really experience God as feminine and I wanted to, very much. So I asked for it.

Shortly after making that request, my love affair with the moon began!

I feel very connected to God when I see it. And I'm grateful for this added way of knowing God or experiencing God's presence.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Little House on the Prairie

I have had a very cozy past two days of homeschooling!! Almost as if my son and I spent our time in front of a warm fireplace wrapped up in a soft, thick blanket.

Normally, my days are divided. I start and finish with homeschooling, but in between, I have several clients and my son hangs out with Grandma. But my healing practice has been light these past two days, so I got to spend more time with him.

Though we didn't watch "Little House on the Prairie", we are reading the Little House in the Big Woods.

I'm also getting inspired in a few areas of my life...

First of all, I've gotten up earlier than I normally do these past two days so we could start our homeschooling earlier and finish sooner, as well.

I've been trying a few new recipes (if you could call them that--they aren't very fancy!) and they've worked well, so I've done some menu planning that I can't wait to try out during the next few weeks. Some of them involve mixes, but they're natural or organic, so good, yes? :)

And finally, I think I have a brand-new direction on what I want to do with my healing practice next year. Still not sure about the "minister" thing, but hey, I'm not rushing God. he can get back to me!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Party

I had a wonderful time!!

It was still so warm as we left to go, I was able to wear my short-sleeved red dress instead of the long-sleeved pullover with my camel-colored pants I'd had planned. Jonathan chose to wear green.

I think I have now had my fill of sweet potato souffle!! YUM!

We both took pics with Santa, and I told Santa that my wife and I are still working out the living arrangements and that what I wanted for Christmas was for it to no longer be a long-distance marriage.

He said he'd get right on it!

Here I Am, Lord!

We sing a verse of that song at the end of every service, using sign language.

"Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord? I have heard you calling in the night. I will go, Lord, if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart."

Though I mean it when I sing it, I made a similar commitment during another part of the service today. After his sermon, the pastor offered us a chance to be re-affirm our baptism. He used a "shoot from the root of Jesse" :) and dipped it in water and then, sprinkled it on our heads. It felt like I was experiencing a moment straight out of Scripture because so many of were waiting and we'd talked about John the Baptist...

I am in the process of finding out what God means when He whispers the word "minister" to me and today, I told Him that whatever He wanted, I was willing. It was very moving!

Watching the others was moving, too.

It was quite a morning! I was the facilitator this morning for Sunday school. I used the passage in Isaiah 11:1-10 and had people do work around the "hero" concept. I got that idea from an icebreaker question in the margin for that text in the Serendipity Bible and I expanded on it a few times as we looked at the passage. I was nervous, but it turned out to be fun!

One thing I like about our question-and-discussion format is that even when you're the "teacher", if a really good discussion gets going, you will be as blessed as the others by it. We were talking about how peace would come in the new society described in that passage. And we were taking the amazing peace and harmony predicted for the animal kingdom and exploring what that would mean for human relationships.

We started talking about whether or not "change" would occur from the inside out or the outside in and someone brought up the innocence and wonder of childhood. We speculated that that might be part of the change that happens on the inside. I had not thought of that before and immediately fell in love with the idea.

When I asked what we could do now to begin to create that kind of peace and harmony, one of the suggestions was to try to reconnect with that sense of innocence and wonder. Great idea, I thought!!

Our church's Christmas party is tonight, in just a couple of hours.

We're going. But right at this moment, I don't particularly want to. I'm tired. I just want to curl up on the sofa and take a nap, and then, have a quiet evening with my son.

On the other hand, I'm looking forward to seeing all these people I have come to love and being able to hang out with them more than I do on a typical Sunday morning. We have Wednesday night suppers, but they are on hold right now for the holiday season.

Hmm. Maybe a short nap...