Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas on the Balcony

What a peaceful day it has been!!

Most recently, I've been hanging out on the balcony, feet propped up, surrounded by sunshine, listening to Shawn Colvin's soothing Christmas music, while Jonathan creates magnificent inventions on leftover paper from a homeschooling assignment. It felt and feels so wonderful, I had to share it in blog-like fashion!

Earlier, this morning, we took a walk around the apartment complex and talked again about how our favorite ways to connect with God. We both agreed on taking walks!

I only had three scheduled clients this afternoon, so Jonathan was with me all day, and he did "homework" while I worked with my clients. I love these days!! I have such a great time homeschooling him, but it's even better on full days like today, when I don't have to sandwich our time with the big thick meat of work in between.

The clouds are beautiful today! Big, thick, white and fluffy. There's a breeze, mostly light, occasionally a bit heavier and I love it when it makes the trees whisper to each other.

I think it's snack time now. I'm taking a break from the wonderfully healthy and deciding on bread-with-butter and apple cider. At least they will be natural (the bread) and organic (the butter and cider)! :)

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