Friday, December 14, 2007

A Winter's Nap

I have to admit I'm giggling a little about this title. Winter's Nap.

Although I did take a wonderful afternoon nap, with Shawn Colvin's holiday lullaby CD playing sweetly in the background, it is at least 70 degrees outside and was warmer than that before the sun began to leave. And yet, it did have the feel of a nap in winter!

My body definitely slows down as the days shorten and napping grows in its appeal. I think I enjoy naps much more during this season, even more than I enjoy nighttime sleep.

And doesn't it feel a little like the whole world is getting ready to take a nap? I can feel it!

There are these parallel tracks. On one, there's all this holiday hustle and bustle, with bright lights, sparkling, glittery colors and loud, festive music. Every other day there's a party to go to and people thrust out brightly-wrapped presents with really big grins. I'm not on that track anymore and haven't been for several years now. I buy my presents in the summer and fall and hand them out while everyone is still wearing sandals and shorts, or at least, before the first heavy jacket.

On another track, the days begin to start out with chill and sometimes, frost, and the heater is heard coming on and then, resting. People wear long sleeves. Apple cider gets passed around. We ever-more-reluctantly throw back not just covers but blankets and leaving the house becomes far less pleasant than returning. Colors fade and sounds soften. And there's a coziness that just has "nap" written all over it!

Another great day!

In our homeschooling, Jonathan and I talked about the different ways people celebrate the holidays. He was interested in celebrating Hanukkah and disappointed when he found out that that ship had just sailed. But there is an opportunity to experience Winter Solstice and he was quite interested in that, as well.

I'm not sure what all we will do.

I'd be interested in making prayer sticks but they'd have to be symbolic. And then, I'd have to figure out what the "ground" would that would receive them on the 21st. Neat idea, though. We will probably do some candle lighting. And a look back at last year's "darkness", the things we are less happy about in the grand scheme of things, as we prepare for more "light" and a better year next year.

Although I don't think we will combine the two in any kind of dramatic way, we have been celebrating Advent, too, and that provides a great opportunity to express hope for the year to come and our future, in general.

I love this season!!

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