Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Little House on the Prairie

I have had a very cozy past two days of homeschooling!! Almost as if my son and I spent our time in front of a warm fireplace wrapped up in a soft, thick blanket.

Normally, my days are divided. I start and finish with homeschooling, but in between, I have several clients and my son hangs out with Grandma. But my healing practice has been light these past two days, so I got to spend more time with him.

Though we didn't watch "Little House on the Prairie", we are reading the Little House in the Big Woods.

I'm also getting inspired in a few areas of my life...

First of all, I've gotten up earlier than I normally do these past two days so we could start our homeschooling earlier and finish sooner, as well.

I've been trying a few new recipes (if you could call them that--they aren't very fancy!) and they've worked well, so I've done some menu planning that I can't wait to try out during the next few weeks. Some of them involve mixes, but they're natural or organic, so good, yes? :)

And finally, I think I have a brand-new direction on what I want to do with my healing practice next year. Still not sure about the "minister" thing, but hey, I'm not rushing God. he can get back to me!

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