Thursday, March 27, 2008

Opening the Heart

Not only did I work on clearing, I also did some work on opening my heart, and I felt so much better afterward!

I've been having a great work day!!

I had a session with a client who was stuck with regard to the issue being worked on so I offered to do some distant healing work right then and there and then, call back to check on the progress. I prayed for it to be really powerful and unstick the client :).

When I checked back and used my intuitive testing technique to determine where the client was, there was a 30% increase in healing that issue. WOW! What I used was a combination of the Healing Codes, reiki and crystals.

So that inspired me to do some distant energy work on a friend of mine and with that issue, there was a 40% reduction in the problem.

Another client today was having a healing response and through my distant healing work, I was able to clear him of it in about 5 minutes. He told me that his headache cleared completely and so did his dizziness. And I didn't even know that those were his symptoms but while I was working on him, I saw stuff coming out of his head. I believe that angels help me when I heal and I intuitively saw them pulling energy out of his head. How cool!

I am so encouraged and inspired by all that happened today!! It really reinforces the direction I want to shift into, which is doing more distant healing work. How exciting!

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