Thursday, December 27, 2007

Healing Experience

Just had a powerful and interesting healing experience.

I was sitting out on my balcony, doing some reiki, and I could tell things were shifting, that I was letting go of beliefs and blocks. But that was all I could tell. Then, some affirmations came to me ... that I was willing, and that I was becoming ready. As I felt inspired to say them, I became aware of releasing the resistance.

Then, some thoughts came to me that I knew were expressions of the healing that was taking place...

I am becoming who I am. I am letting go of who I am not.

I am about to give birth to me.

I am one whole being. All of me is me.

The healing felt intense at times, and I had fleeting questions about whether or not I could "stand it". But also, I felt a really amazing sense of peace, a deep peace, and spiritual connection.

And as I was working on myself, I felt my body integrating in a way that it hasn't done before. Although I'm not sure what that means, I know that it's true. I even had a visual impression of parts of my body connecting to each other and becoming whole, becoming a tightly-knit unit, wholly connected.

I didn't know this was coming, but now, I'm glad I've had such a quiet, peaceful day.

And now, I'm even more curious about and eager to discover what's next!

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