Saturday, May 24, 2008

the Smell of Rain

I came out here on my balcony to watch, listen to and smell the rain. The trees are talking to each other, too, so there's lots to experience. I love the smell of rain!

I have had a great day at home today, hanging out with my son.

Earlier, we watched "Groundhog Day". Such an interesting premise. Living the same day over and over again. I've seen the movie several times before, but had some new thoughts today.

Being able to predict and thus, prevent, the things that would happen in your neck of the woods would be a burdensome responsibility. Remember him hurrying on the way to catch the boy who was about to fall?

On the other hand, it would be a great way to try out new ways of being and moving in the world, because none of it would stick. It would all be just an experiment you could try again and again until you liked the outcome. You would be freed from the burden of doing and could focus more easily on being, or even becoming.

You could practice transparency. No one would remember anything you'd said or done!

I would love to have that kind of time with my wife. And once the do-over day was finally over, I would know her in a way I hadn't had time for before and would have honed the skill of letting her know me and learned how she would be likely to respond. Trying it again for real would be much less risky!

Of course, I expect we will come to know each other that well anyway. And I look forward to the deepening intimacy that comes with lots of time and experience and storms weathered together!

With parenting, I'm guessing that I would learn not to sweat the small stuff and I could choose day after day after day (the same day) to spend time with my son without having to worry about things like bills or making a living.

Of course, I was just saying to a friend the other day that we can all choose to stop worrying any time we want, no matter what our circumstances are. But I think a situation like that would drive the point home even more.

The rain seems to have stopped, though its fragrance lingers.

My son is inside and has just come to check on me for the fourth time in about 15 or 20 minutes.

Guess I'll head in...

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