Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Trusting My Intuition

I just had such an amazing experience!

I'm working with clients today. I've been on vacation and my wife will be here tonight, so I'll be back on vacation for another week, but figured I'd work from home in my healing practice while waiting on her to get here.

So I'm working with my 5th client this afternoon, and I get, intuitively, that in addition to just working on the healing exercise he would be using that he also needed to find a specific memory to focus on as he heals. He asked for all the intuitive info I could give him to help him with uncovering the memory...

What's fascinating is that I got a general piece of info about the area we needed to work in, but when we tried to get specific to narrow it down, it wasn't either of the choices. And I have to admit that right at that moment, I felt a little scared!

Though I do trust my intuition generally, I admit I may have a fondness for control, and I don't like that feeling of not knowing what to do next!

Finally, though, it occurred to me to explore connections to the general area we'd been wandering around in. And there it was!

Two amazing things happened...

I got chills when he got close to the memory because my body knew we had hit pay dirt.

And then, once we really landed on it, one of his physical symptoms spontaneously cleared up while we were on the phone!

Have I mentioned how much I love the work I do? I am so grateful that I get to walk alongside these wonderful people and help facilitate their healing!

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