Monday, January 7, 2008

It Ain't Necessarily So!

It's just beginning to get chilly out here on my balcony. The sun has started to descend beneath the line where the balcony window is and even if I sit up as straight as I can, all I can see is red-orange color, fading, behind the trees.

My wife and son have just returned from a long walk together, which included a trip to the store, and she has just set off again because one of the things she came back with was not what I had in mind and it is something I need before tomorrow. I hear car doors closing and apartment doors opening as people return from work.

It has been a great day!

We celebrated our two-month anniversary with a fantastic pancake, scrambled eggs and bacon brunch and we toasted each other with mimosas! We also danced to that Nickleback song about being far away for far too long and an old fave by the Cranberries which has really delicious harmonies.

Last night, we went to see "For the Bible Tells Me So", which was followed by a great panel discussion. The pastor from the UMC church I'm a member of was one of the panel members in addition to the film's creator and two of the parents from the film. It was a great experience to sit next to my beloved and hold hands while watching it. About half of our church was there, too, and it felt good to see them there.

Though she has been there before, a lot of my friends at church hadn't met my wife yet, and it was so wonderful to be there yesterday and get to introduce her to everyone!

We've been honeymooning a bit, which is why I haven't posted here as often.

Anyway, one of the themes of the film, and the reason for the title of my post, is that just because you've been told what the Bible says about something (like homosexuality), it ain't necessarily so!

It ain't necessarily so
It ain't necessarily so
The t'ings dat yo' li'ble
To read in de Bible,
It ain't necessarily so.


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