Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Five: Birthday Celebrations

I actually get to play on the right day this time! :)

Here are the questions, posted by Mother Laura at RevGalBlogPals...

1. When is your birthday? Does anyone else (famous and/or in your own life) share it?
My birthday is June 16th. I think there are famous people with my birth date but I can't remember who they are.

2. Do you prefer a big party or an intimate celebration for the chosen few?
I prefer a small celebration. I like going out to dinner with friends and family.

3. Describe your most memorable birthday(s)--good, bad, or both.
Well, I've had several that were memorable, both good and bad, but a couple I'd like to share were both from childhood: one with a Happy Days theme and great music, and another when we all went to see the movie "Grease".

4. What is your favorite cake and ice cream? (Bonus points if you share the cake recipe). Or would you rather have a different treat altogether?
I love the basic white birthday cake with icing, but if possible, would also want to have apple pie a la mode with whipped cream, since that is really my fave dessert.

5. Surprise parties: love 'em or hate 'em?
I've never had one. I think I would like it because it would be such a demonstration of love. I'd cry, I know I would!

Bonus: Describe your ideal birthday--the sky's the limit...
Because putting all one's expectations for happiness onto one day is just a set-up for disappointment, I like the idea of a birthday *week*.

I'd love to plan one special thing for each day of my birthday week. That way, I'd be bound to enjoy it one way or the other!

And if the sky were the limit, it would take place at a spa resort with cabins/cottages and a lake and my wife and friends would all be there. For presents, I'd get new clothes and new jewelry, and every day, I'd get to eat my favorite foods. There would be movies and dancing and karaoke and massages and walks by the lake.

Wow! Sounds fun, doesn't it? I should try to plan something like that one year.


Mother Laura said...

Birthday week--definitely a fantastic idea.

Jan said...

That birthday week idea sounds good, esp. as one gets older!

Certified Healing Coach said...

I think I am going to try it!

Cathy said...

Yes, I second the thought of a birthday week!