Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Long Weekend

I found out this afternoon that today is my "Friday". I had a couple of clients scheduled for tomorrow, but one session got cancelled, so I called the other one today and asked to do it a day early. We did and now, I am off tomorrow and for the next several days (until Tuesday).

What's interesting about that is that I had been thinking recently about how much I enjoy having several days off in a row and just sort of idly wondering how I might make that happen more often. In fact, I'm planning to schedule at least one week off each month, but was thinking I wouldn't be able to start until next month.

And then, life gave me almost a week this month! :)

And suddenly, I am at the end of my workweek! :)

Something else interesting happened today. While my son and I were watching the Waltons, he stretched out across my leg and I decided to take the opportunity to do some reiki on him. Well, we'd already done the Healing Codes and the reiki may have just been more than he needed because he had a healing response.

What's interesting about that, though, is that most people have fatigue, irritability, headaches, cold symptoms, etc. Jonathan's healing responses are always behavioral!!

It was short-lived, but he was able to do quite a bit in that short period of time!

That tells me that a little goes a long way with him, which is great.

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