Monday, March 10, 2008

Insights from A New Earth

Tonight's webinar with Oprah and Eckhart was wonderful! I had several thoughts I want to share before I forget them :) ...

1) Part of my desire to acquire things is my ego's attempt to enhance itself. But it's also a way to appreciate beauty! And what Eckhart said tonight that really struck me was that we can really admire and enjoy the beauty of something and then leave it where it is!

I love to look at catalogs. But perhaps I can apply the concept of "window shopping" to them, too, and just enjoy looking at pretty things without feeling bereft as I decide not to buy them?

It's worth a shot!

2) Today, when my son and I went to his ballroom dancing class (for homeschooled kids), there were too few girls and many of the moms were called upon to join in, much to the dismay of the male students. One little boy told me he'd rather dance with someone else and instantly, I remembered junior high!

Later, during the social graces portion of the afternoon, I looked at the woman presenting the class and instantly decided that she was both beautiful and rich. I compared myself and did not fare well in the comparison!

Well, I heard Eckhart say tonight that those kinds of feelings arise from the ego. And I wondered what would have happened if I'd had the awareness at the time that my "being" had just been interrupted by my ego.

Would I have been able to shake off the sense of junior high rejection?

Would I have been able to let go of the comparison?

It is certainly worth the experiment to find out!!


The Swandive said...

I just started reading the book... captivating so far.

Certified Healing Coach said...

Isn't it?

And the webinar does a great job of reinforcing the ideas!