Sunday, April 6, 2008

Are we Christians?

We were on the way home from church this afternoon, and my 7-year-old son asked me if we were Christians. He had heard something during children's church that prompted the question. So I gave him a short list of qualities I associate with being Christian ...

Having a relationship with God

Following Jesus & His teachings

Wanting to be more like Him

So, I asked if after hearing that, he thought he was a Christian and he said no. he also didn't think that I was, either. We talked about why but his answers were bewildering. He described what a "relationship" would look like and agreed that we both did those things, but he wouldn't budge that we weren't Christians.

I said that the label wasn't that important but that I was puzzled by his saying that he didn't think either of us had a relationship with God.

Eventually, we got to the bottom of it: he was afraid that if we were Christians, we'd get killed the way Jesus did!!

I quickly did what I could to allay that fear, but an hour later (we discussed it at dinner), I am still surprised at the things he finds to be afraid of! It tells me that a sense of safety needs to be a main target for healing.

Anyway, the verdict is in: he guesses we're Christians as long as it's safe!


Lynnette said...

hey.. i just came across your blog.
here's something I hope you can give advise to..
I'm Christian... I go to a very Charismatic Christian College. Even studying theology!
The problem is ... i've been having female preferences since I was in junior high. It's terribly frustrating. I've always been surpressing it inside all these years. (I'm 23). I've never been in a relationship. Just close friends, but that's just it.

It's like I ought to know better right? But somehow.. I battle all the time. Wondering what it'd be like if i came up open with my sexuality.

SO what to do when you don't know what to do?

Certified Healing Coach said...

Hey, Lynnette!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I can certainly relate to your problem. One thing I have learned in my own experience is that sexual orientation doesn't go away. It doesn't pray away. It doesn't will away. It doesn't heal away.

And thankfully, neither does one's relationship with God!

One place I hang out that helped me a lot in reconciling my faith with my sexuality and in deciding who to tell and when is the Gay Christian Network.

There are about 8000 of us there at last count and you'll find a lot of wisdom and experience and support. I am lowcountrygirl there so say "hello" if you wander over!

BTW, I went to a reformed Presbyterian college and then to Regent Univ. (think 700 Club), so I'm familiar with that particular take on things. It's not the only view.