Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Aunt's Homophobia

My mom and son and I went out for lunch this afternoon, and had a great time!! I had apricot tea and quiche and lemon cake for dessert. Yum!

But then, I asked my mother about talking to the aunt who had called her just to say that she didn't want to be confronted with my homosexuality. I asked her if she'd talked about it with her since then and she said that she had. Apparently, my mom called her to talk about it, to clarify that she had meant to make as strong a statement as she seemed to be making.

Well, they seemed to have cleared it up to my mother's satisfaction. But not to mine! And I am pretty sure now that I will not be going to the family reunion.

My aunt clarified that she has nothing against us personally, she just dislikes the issue, and doesn't want to deal with it. So if my wife and I were ever to see her together, she wouldn't want me to introduce her as my wife.

Guess what! She needn't worry.

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