Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Winner Takes It All...

All summer a group of us from my church have been getting together on Wednesday nights to replace our church's Wednesday night supper which is taking a summer break. We meet 3 times a month and we take turns going to see a movie, eating dinner at someone's house and doing an activity.

Tonight was activity night and it was my turn to host. I picked Mamma Mia because we've missed the last couple of movie nights, I wanted to see it and it was the closest I could come to getting the gang to try karaoke!

So...when I first found out about Mamma Mia, I knew immediately I wanted to see it because I love ABBA. I knew it would be fun!!!

I didn't know it would make me cry!

I teared up a little when Meryl sang about letting go of her daughter. I can already anticipate the pain of watching my son go out into the world away from Mommy.

But the real tearjerker was Meryl's take on The Winner Takes It All!! She told such a story of loss and pain that I couldn't take it. There are a few of us who can be counted on to cry in any situation that is somewhat emotional and thank god, I was sitting next to one of them!

I'm wondering now, though, if I can expect to cry at every movie from now on?

I mean, really! I sat there, bemused, thinking "I'm crying during Mamma Mia!"

Nonetheless, I had a blast! It was campy, it was goofy, it was fun. No voice lessons for Pierce? That's okay~~I just laughed even harder!

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