Monday, August 4, 2008

Stuck in Sinsinawa

It's almost always my intention to be as positive as I can. Our thoughts have power and thinking good thoughts just feels better than thinking negative ones!

And I have truly had a wonderful weekend!!It was my second training retreat weekend and I adored almost every moment of it. But the experience was not completely without stress and I think I need to share some of it one way or another. Since I have had very poor cell phone reception here, I am going to write about it.

First of all, I am stuck because of weather conditions between where I am now and home. I was rather pleased with myself this time around because I'd planned my flights so that I was only away from my son for 3 days. On day 4, I'd be on my way home and would get to see him right before he went to bed. But that won't happen because I will be here tonight, instead, hoping to take flight in the morning, after which I will be hanging out in several airports, waiting for time to pass until each upcoming flight, getting home~~if I'm lucky~~more than 12 hours after the journey begins!! Thank goodness I have a couple of books to read.

Another complaint: it seems that summer, with pollen blowing like dust in the wind, has just come to Sinsinawa and I have been coughing since I got here, rasping my way through conversations and singing and generally, annoying even myself with all that hacking.

One more: in my room, there is an undiscovered hole in the screen. Can you say gnats everywhere!

Okay, I'm done!

What was wonderful about the weekend was spending time with all these wonderful women who are sharing the training experience with me. AND everything we learned this weekend as we started our new module. There seemed to be two themes: eco spirituality (one word? two?) and the use of movement for prayer or worship or blessings.

The presentation we saw on how the world came into being was absolutely awesome!! It was very moving.

So, great weekend all things considered! :)

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