Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

As I type, I am listening to the sweet music of my son's laughter in another room. How wonderful that for him, a special Valentine's Day would have to include a long talk with Grandma, filled with joy and lots of giggles.

Although I wish I had been able to celebrate with my entire family (all four of us), I've had a great day. My son and I gave each other Valentine's Day cards, watched two movies and went for a walk this afternoon. My card for him was a Smilebox, but he loved it!

I also enjoyed creating and sending Smilebox Valentines to my friends today. I felt tuned in to love today, connected to my friends, connected to my family. It was fun to cekebrate love.

And it's not over yet. After the kidlet is snugly tucked into bed, the wife and I will have some phone time to ourselves. She is not likely to be in much of a Valentine's Day mood, because this day is also the one-year anniversary of the death of her grandmother, and they were very close.

It bugs me that I can't be there to hold her as she thinks about her Grams, but I will do what I can as we talk. We haven't spoken today yet, but I feel very connected to her already. I feel her love for me and I hope she feels mine. I think my quieter energy is already prepared for our talk.

The sun did not make an appearance and I set the energy volume on low so today would be restful. It has been good, though. I love holidays!

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