Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So this is what happiness feels like...

I've been doing a lot of spiritual work lately. Dreamwork, intuitive readings, animal medicine, reiki, the Healing Codes. And I have a sense of mission and purpose and connectedness that is wonderfully new. Perhaps I'd lost sight of purpose? Was a little bored?

But I feel more connected to all that is and more aware that I'm here for a reason and that all of heaven would like to connect me with my life mission.

So I have lots of fun and exciting moments when I'm analyzing a dream or doing a reading for myself. And rewarding moments when I'm doing distant healing with my clients. Lovely breaks in the routine when I'm reading a book, watching a movie with my son, singing with him at the top of our lungs to a song on the radio as we're driving. Laughing with my partner over something one of us has said, looking ahead to when she'll be here for a visit or here for good.

And then, there are moments when I am inhaling pollen or so tired I can barely focus on the TV. Or putting on moisturizer. Or chewing an antacid. Slicing the boiled eggs and adding a little salt and pepper.

It was during one of those moments this afternoon when I stopped for a second and asked myself, "Is this happiness?" When people say they are happy can it include boring moments? Having an unresolved illness? Occasional exhaustion? Is my life similar to the lives of those people who pause and smile and say, "I'm happy!"?

I believe it is!

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