Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Goodbye Party for Heath

Last night, I was so wrecked by his death that I decided I better do some healing work before I went to bed. My focus was grief, and I knew it certainly wouldn't heal completely, but I wanted to make it clean, healthy, with no added baggage. And I wanted comfort.

I felt better as I headed to bed.

This morning, I got up and did some more Healing Codes work. Then, I did some reiki. I sent distant reiki to Jake, and Michelle and Matilda and the Ledger family.

And I decided we'd have french toast for breakfast. All that preparation was a great distraction but also a way to do something special. When I said that to my son, he said, "Oh, like a goodbye party!"

Then he said, "I'm eating his goodbye party and I didn't even know him!" :)

I told him that Heath was a good actor and a good man. He said, "I bet he was!"

So, I thought I might take a minute here to say a few words...

Goodbye, Heath! I'll miss your presence.

I want to thank you!! As Ennis, you showed me myself. And gave me hope for healing. You and the movie that changed my life provided a catalyst for me to release my own fear of love and commitment and embrace the courage I had within to be exactly who I am. You helped so many of us in that way.

We'll go on lighting the way for others. And we'll remember you!

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