Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Worry pretends to be necessary!" ...

"But it serves no useful purpose."

This is a quote from Eckhart from last night's webinar with Oprah. I quite agree and it's one of those bad habits that can creep back in when you're sure you've banished it forever!

For the past few years, I've been eliminating worry by replacing worry thoughts with more positive ones. That has worked amazingly well! But worry thoughts do still tempt me from time to time.

I also liked what Eckhart said about complaining. It doesn't do any good whatsoever, but it does reinforce the feeling or conviction of being right at the expense of whoever has been declared wrong. I think wrong-making is most tempting to me when it comes to my son and his character.

I so want him to be kind and loving. And when he is unkind, I don't just say it's unkind (like Eckhart's point about stating a fact: "the soup is cold"), I make him wrong. And perhaps that's because of some avoided awareness of unkindness in myself. I've actually worked on that issue because it's so important to me, so the whole thing definitely is worth exploring a bit more.

One thing I think Eckhart fails to address is the possibility of healing!

We have conditioned responses and beliefs because of unhealed wounds, cellular memories that are buried alive within us. They can be healed, and when they are we move closer to our essence, to being who we truly are.

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