Thursday, June 5, 2008

Losing a Friend, Remembering Tristan

We found out yesterday morning that one of the boys in the youth choir, my son's joke partner during their talent show, was killed night before last while crossing a very busy street.

"He was my best friend!" my son told me while he was crying in response to the news.

Tristan was a student at White Bluff Elementary School. His principal treasures the last picture of taken of Tristan, it was last week at a school assembly. He was singing his heart out, something his youth pastor says he loved to do. "He may be off key a couple of times, but he wanted you to know he was singing, he loved to sing," said Joe Driggers of the Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church.

My son told me he'd had a bad feeling that something was going to happen to him and that made it even more horrifying. And truth be told, I'd had a sense of foreboding myself, but it was formless. I didn't know what it meant. Jonathan said he knew he was going to die!

Last night, we went to church and along with a few of the other kids, met with the pastor, the youth minister and a school counselor who is a church member and she helped the kids talk about it. They also made cards for the family.

We don't know yet when the funeral will be but I plan for us to go so that, along with the other kids, Jonathan can say goodbye.

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Cristi said...

So sorry to hear about Tristan. I hate to hear that Jonathan lost a friend. I'll be praying for his family as well as all of his friends and teachers as you all go through this grieving process.