Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Two: Turning Back Time

I'm reading a novel right now by Jude Devereaux, almost finished, about three women who meet someone who offers them the chance to go back in time for 3 weeks, knowing everything they know now, and when they come back, they can keep the new life or go back to the old one and can remember those three weeks or choose to forget them. I find the concept utterly fascinating and decided I'd use it for today's Tuesday Two...

(1) If you were given that opportunity, what situation in your life would you go back to and what would you hope to change?

(2) Afterward, do you think you'd keep the new life those changes would have created?


Here are my answers...

(1) I'm having trouble deciding, and BTW, would have to be assured that I would still have the family (wife and kids) I have now...

~~Should I go back and buy that house that had the deep garden tub and the lake view?
~~I could decide not to go out with my son's father. But if I did, then, how would my son come to me?
~~Should I go back to the time my family and I were in therapy when I was 9 or 10 and make sure I tell them that I was being abused?
~~What if I went back to the time my supervisor offered to finish the revisions on my master's thesis for me and let her do it?
~~Should I undo a relationship decision I made in my 20s?
~~Maybe I could go back to my adolescence and come out to myself and others?
~~What if I hadn't put my son's father's name on the birth certificate? Would I be living in Canada right now?
~~I could go back and change my major to creative writing or something similar.

I think I'd change my major or come out to myself sooner...

(2) Yes, I would keep the new life but with full memory of the life I'd had before.

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