Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Christmas Extravaganza Begins...

Dec. 1st...

I decided to celebrate Christmas every day this month, even if it's just in a small way. We have an advent calendar and both Jonathan and I were excited to be able to start using it today.
When I got up this morning, I had iced tea with an apple cider flavor :).

For our snack this afternoon, Jonathan and I had gingerbread cookies.

This morning, we raced through traffic to get to the rehearsal for the children's Christmas pageant. I had helped Jonathan practice and learn the songs yesterday and they commented on how well he knew them! My other proud-mom-brag-moment was about one of the songs. The choir director offered him a solo of the first two lines of one of the songs!! Now, Jonathan gets shy in front of people sometimes, so we shall see if he ends up actually performing the solo.

But I'm hoping so!! He did sound awfully sweet if I do say so myself!

After the rehearsal, we joined another mom and her two sons for a lunch and afternoon playdate. She treated us to lunch, which was so kind, and then, we headed downtown to the riverfront for the day's festivities, called Christmas on the River. It was wonderful to be near the water and walk under some trees and the kids seemed to have a good time.

The highlight for me was a table with native American art, music, and toys. The man sitting behind the table was playing a song on a wind instrument--I have no idea what the name of it was--but it sounded SO beautiful! It was a familiar love song, which I recognized at the time but cannot remember now. But it sounded just incredibly soothing!! I was kind of mesmerized.
Seeing the water was soothing also, which was good because the boys were quite rowdy!

After all that walking, and the afternoon's excitement, Jonathan and I were both tired when we got home. We practiced and learned "Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming", quickly ran through a few other songs, and then, curled up on the sofa to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas", which I had taped when it came on earlier in the week.

It was hard to make myself get up for dinner.

He's in bed now and I bet he'll be out like a light when I check on him.

This will be the first Christmas in many years that I won't have a retail part-time job (all of which are crazy during the holidays). So, I'll be poorer this year, but much happier! My church had a lot going on this season and I am thrilled that Jonathan and I will get to participate!
It could only be better if Shelly and Taylor were here, too.

Dec. 2nd...

"Advent's primary message is to wait, listen, get in touch with God, and prepare our lives and hearts for Jesus' coming. For speeded up, stressed out people (that would be most of us), this is an intriguing invitation. Observe Advent -- and get more in touch with God." ~~Upper Room

I just had my first moment alone today (it's 7:15pm) and let me tell you, it was precious!! I went out on my balcony and just breathed. I also did a little reiki, which I knew would be both grounding and soothing.

I've been irritable almost all day!!

I think it's because I was tired! I didn't really recover from yesterday before having to get up and do it all over again. And I couldn't get myself to go to bed until 3am, so I definitely didn't get enough sleep!

But there were good moments...

Jonathan and I did some healing work this morning because he was nervous about his Christmas pageant solo, and he did fine in choir practice when she asked him to sing it. I think my boy's gonna be a star!! :)

I made it to Sunday school on time and it went well. Next week, it's my turn to facilitate and I'm already nervous!

We had coffee hour after the service and I enjoyed that, though I was disappointed that they didn't have the chicken and broccoli casserole they usually have! Afterwards, I dropped by my mother's house and she was so glad we'd come to see her, even briefly. I've been wondering lately if she's lonely. I've tried to hang out there a little more and talk a little longer when I call her on the phone.

Jonathan and I had "pizza night" tonight, which is an occasional Sunday night tradition, and that was fun. But I was so tired by then, that I could hardly maintain conversation. Please God, help me take my tired self to bed at a reasonable hour tonight!!!

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