Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm happy!

I was driving toward Kroger, soaking up the sunshine, thinking about what a wonderful day it was and it hit me. I'm happy!

I had just spent almost 3 hours nearly freezing at church during my son's rehearsal for his Christmas pageant, but I also got to talk to one of the other mothers, with whom I'm becoming friends, and I had just decided we'd eat at Fuddruckers after our brief stop at the store. Life's not perfect but it is quite good!!

After Fuddrucker's (not sure the chili cheese fries were my best choice), my son and I took a walk and then sat down to watch "Frosty's Winter Wonderland" with the voices of Andy Griffith and Shelley Winters. I admit that part of the time, I just watched him.

Several times today, my heart just filled with love for him.

Anyway, then, we watched "Little Bear", one of my favorite cartoons, while I addressed Christmas cards for the Christmas card exchange on GCN (the Gay Christian Network). Several of us have decided to send cards to each other and the most fun thing about buying and preparing them was writing my new married name on the envelope and signing them with both our names.

I'm a newlywed! What can I say? :)

Anyway, I have just put him to bed and once again, I'm listening to Christmas lullabies.

About an hour and a half ago, I watched through the window in stillness and with a deep sense of contentment as sunlight gave way to dusk and then, to darkness.

It has been a really great day!!


Mother Laura said...


May I ask if you both hyphenated, you took her name, or made up a new one? And if you see a trend on one or the other in the LGBT community? I am fascinated by all this stuff.

Certified Healing Coach said...


Well, we're adding our names together but without the hyphen. Like if her last name was "Brown" and mine was "Blue", we will both be "Blue Brown."

I have seen people take one name, but I think most keep their own names.

Certified Healing Coach said...

I just read your profile!

I'm an INFJ and an Enneagram 4. I don't know what the other letters mean.