Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Music, Meal Planning

I am listening to our Christmas lullabies as I type.

Just a little while ago, I was reading more of the First Christmas, by Marcus Borg & John Crossan. It's a fascinating book, but there's a little bit of loss involved as we peel back the veil to uncover the mystery of the writing of the NT Christmas stories. I will write more about that as I get to the end of the book and do some reflecting.

Woven into our homeschooling this afternoon was earnest review of Jonathan's songs for the Christmas pageant.

We also took a trip to the new Target. I realized recently that Target had natural and organic food and for much less than I was paying elsewhere, so I figured I better go take a closer look. We came home with dinner! And a new appreciation for Target.

I would like to get better at meal planning.

When I was working two jobs, meals were often packaged and/or found at my mother's house! :)

Neither solution helped me learn how to put good-but-cheap organic meals together.

Though we eat meat, we don't eat a lot, so I need to plan carefully to make sure we get enough protein. And we no longer have a microwave, so I want to do more cooking, less heating up.

Once my wife and daughter are here, I think it will be easier. She likes to experiment, so I picture us both working together on meals. We've gone out a lot when she has visited in the past, but she likes to cook for me and says cooking together would be fun. I'm looking forward to it!!

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