Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Witness to Healing

I'm working at home today in my healing practice, and I just had the most wonderful session!

One of those that I wanted to be sure to remember! I've been working with this client for two years now and I am so thrilled to see her really getting to the core of who she is. All of the blocks and filters and white noise and limiting beliefs, everything that covered up and hid who she really was has healed and cleared. All those cellular memories at the root of what she wanted to change have healed.

And I'm just so excited for her!!

This really is why I do what I do!

She had taken a break from working with me for a few months and when we met this afternoon on the phone, I could tell immediately that the clearing which had been taking so long was complete. Her energy was entirely different! And the things she was saying, her thoughts and feelings, were completely transformed.

I had to remind her of where she started because she was puzzled by my excitement for her! She'd forgotten, as we all do.

Plus, she's kind of feeling the void right now. The space between what has been healed and the transformation (in beliefs and understanding of who she is at the core) that is coming or is still settling in, so to speak. The void feels kind of empty, so it's understandable that she was not quite ready to celebrate. But I know what's coming for her (and I'm just thrilled about it!).

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