Sunday, February 24, 2008

My son, Moses!

My church has a kids event every Sunday morning called "Creative Kids". It's a very creative church and the kids are often involved in the service by putting on skits, acting out the Scripture reading or singing a song.

But you never know what the plan is! It's always a surprise after the service begins. Sunday School ends, I take a seat in the sanctuary and then, I see what happens.

Well, this morning, Jonathan ran up to the stage with the other kids and he was carrying a stick. I was just excited to see him up there but then, suddenly realized he was Moses. And what an adorable one!!

Church was good today. But for some reason, I was bored!

It might be because I was so tired. We've been celebrating Jonathan's birthday for two days. And I spent all afternoon yesterday making a scrapbook for him with pictures of him and Shelly. Then, we went to dinner, I scooted him into bed, watched a little TV and had to get up again this morning, if you can believe that! :)

I really didn't want to get up and go to church. But I also did. So off we went!

But my day has been a little off.

Maybe I can catch up on sleep tonight?

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