Monday, February 25, 2008

Touching Earth

Another great homeschooling day, although I am still recovering from sitting next to someone with pets during the scrapbooking crop Saturday afternoon.

In the middle of our day, I had a break, for a meeting. The group of us who take turns facilitating Sunday School at church had a meeting this morning. We need to choose a focus for the next few months, but half of us weren't there so we put off making a final decision until next week.

Then, Jonathan had ballroom dance class, followed by social graces class.

Our day ended with a walk under the trees. But this time we were able to get closer then we usually do. Because people use that courtyard area for their dogs and often aren't courteous about cleaning up afterward, we don't go in too far. But the landscaping people cleared it out today and there was rich dark soil to walk on when we got back this afternoon.

So we walked up to our favorite trees, talked to them, infused their energies and connected solidly to the earth beneath us.

I'm glad the day is over, but it had some great moments!!

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