Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Release of Rejection

Something unusual happened today. I was taking a walk with my son, across the dirt and under the trees, and when we got to the one we think of as the "love" tree, I didn't feel much love. I didn't feel much of anything!

Now, I've not been feeling well these past few days. But taking a walk outside almost always makes me feel better!

I realized that I was feeling sad and began to wonder why. Watching the Oscars made me sad, again, about Heath, but I was aware that that wasn't it, there was more. So I just let myself be and finished the walk. It wasn't until I was back inside that I remembered something that happened recently, an exchange with a friend that hurt my feelings and made me feel rejected!

It hadn't occurred to me when it happened that I would need to heal it, but apparently I did. So I began to work on healing it and several other incidences that have occurred in the past few months came to mind and I realized that they were presenting themselves for healing, too.

In about 15 minutes, I had healed the rejection, infused forgiveness and created the ability to connect again fully with the people who had hurt me (I did this using reiki and the Healing Codes). When I was done, that's when I realized something I think is rather important. I am used to thinking that trauma or really upsetting events lead to closing the heart. But today I realized it may happen far more frequently than that.

Each time we are rejected or hurt we react by closing the doors of our hearts. I'm sure it's an attempt to protect ourselves from being hurt again. But what that does is keep out the love that's in the air around us. From our husbands and wives, from our children, from our friends. From God or the universe. Love is all around, as the Mary Tyler Moore theme goes. But our ability to perceive it, to feel it, will be compromised to some degree, at least temporarily, if we have unhealed wounds, even small ones.

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