Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playing Hooky

I am having a wonderful day!

I almost never miss church or even Sunday school, but just wasn't feeling so good and felt like I should give it a miss. I slept in and got up for a great scrambled-eggs-and-toast breakfast, watched a skating program on TV, and found out that one of my favorite movies (the Kid),, which I can never find at Blockbusters, is coming on this afternoon!! :)

And there are several other family movies my son and I can watch!

I haven't had a family movie afternoon on a lazy Sunday in so long, I didn't realize I missed it.

Tonight, on the Brokeback Mountain forum where I've been hanging out again since Heath's death, we're having an online memorial service. It was my idea to have it--I needed some kind of ceremony--and I'm so glad others wanted to do it, too!

But I'm also glad I'll have had a happy afternoon beforehand.

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