Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Homemade Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've had a great day, so far! I just had a nice long bath complete with romance novel (of course it was written for Christmas, but that just added a merry touch to my Love Day celebration). This is my last work day of the week, so I have had clients this afternoon, but I've managed to celebrate in between.

I think I've had the most fun today when I was spreading the love around. This morning, both my son and I prepared homemade Valentine's Day cards and gifts for each other, and our homeschooling had a Valentine's Day theme. Then, later, I made smileboxes for my friends and had a great time sending those off by email.

This afternoon, my son and I used reiki to send love to family and friends. That felt good, too!

And I think in a little while, we'll take a little walk and soak up the love we feel with our trees. Jonathan has begun to see aura colors when we do reiki and there's one tree we love where he has begun to see an aura color, too, as we walk by.

Wonder which color he'll see today?

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