Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tonight's Bible Study

After a wonderful Wed. night supper, where I had the best spaghetti I have ever tasted, my pastor began a Lenten Bible study. He said he'd had trouble deciding what to do the Bible study on and had decided to use the Lectionary as a guide.

So we took a look at Genesis, the creation stories.

It was revealing in a lot of ways. Apparently, God intended for all of us, humans and animals, to be vegetarians.

But I think what I found disillusioning was a couple of things. Taking a look at which story was written when and under what circumstances, and considering what might have motivated the different tone/slant/emphasis of each was one. The other was finding out that the "us" in "let us make man in our own image" is thought to refer to a divine court that included angels.

I have always thought (and been told) that it was plural because of the Godhead.

Sigh. It just seems more and more like the Bible is a finely-crafted piece of literature and I just don't know what I believe.

I know there's a God because God and I have a relationship. I know Jesus existed. Seems like the apostles did, too. But I'm not sure about anything else I've been told, I don't think.

Stay tuned. We'll see...

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