Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Losing a Family Friend

Several things have kept me from posting this week!

Monday was my sister's birthday and I ended up getting stranded at my mother's house when my car broke down. My son and I didn't get back home until after all the celebrating was over. And then, yesterday, we found out that my mother's dog had died!

Jonathan was quite upset about that and we spent much of the day processing those feelings.

What's interesting is that Mickey (the dog) seems to have died of a broken heart. Another dog disappeared recently from the backyard where he usually barked quite happily at Mickey, and Mickey began to "bay at the moon" according to my mother. Then, she hardly wanted to eat, picking at the food my mother brought to her. Less than a week later, she died.

And Jonathan had been told about what was happening and he was the one who intuited that she was sad about Sunny 2's death. He told me yesterday that he also had a feeling Mickey would die, so he told her goodbye a few days ago. My mother did, too.

Jonathan has decided that Mickey and Sunny 2 are playing happily together in heaven.

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