Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Moment's Break in a Winter's Day

Ahh, a moment of quiet for my soul!

Shawn Colvin is soothing me with her lullabies, and the trees are enchanting me as they whisper in the wind. I am breathing deeply and slowly. And feeling the energy of love, quiet and soothing, like a sweet hug from a child. Or my wife's voice on the phone.

Although I teach them how to heal, I sometimes think that love is the main thing I give to my clients.

Have I mentioned before my conversation with God where I asked how I could help (in general) and the answer I got was, "just be with them and love them!"? I've been thinking about that today. I was just noticing my "aura" blogthing said that for the person who is "blue", the life purpose is showing love to other people.

And that is important to me!

There's a song by ... oh, what's her name? ... Martina McBride, that always makes me cry at the end because she expresses her hope that it will be clear that she loved her daughter. I have that same fervent hope about my son!

The gift of love is so important. I think that's why God infused the whole world with it. I feel it everywhere! When I take a walk and get close to the trees, when I am surprised by the moon outside my window, when I sink into an Epsom salts bath and close my eyes, when my son and I sit across from each other at the dinner table, when I listen to music...

You know that Mary Tyler Moore theme ... Love Is All Around?

Well, I believe it!

I experience it everyday.

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