Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome Back, Moon!

Just a few minutes ago, I saw the moon again for the first time in weeks!!

I have had many comforting things happen today. Church was wonderful! We had a "remember your baptism" thing where we could dip our fingers into water and then, make the cross on our foreheads. I did that and while praying at the altar afterward, I was just overwhelmed with love for God and gratitude and really felt connected.

This afternoon, my son and I went for a walk beneath the trees and I felt very deeply connected then, too. Totally surrounded by love! Like they were or God was reaching out to me with love.

We're about to have "pizza night"! Another source of comfort :).

I've been working on healing something and I must say, it's not the most fun I've ever had. But boy, God has been right there with me! (As always).

I'm grateful!

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