Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Good Witch

I love Hallmark movies!!

So I was intrigued by a movie with a title like that ... the Good Witch. And I wondered if anything in the movie would conflict with my spirituality.

But I loved watching it! She was an intuitive, an herbalist, an aromatherapist, a crystal therapist, an animal whisperer, a healer. She knew instinctively what to tell each person who came to her, what to do to help them. And she opened up a shop filled with healing stuff.

She did what I do ... but larger!

She lived a life filled with enchantment. Or so it went until the town biddies started causing trouble.

I wanted to walk into her shop and be surrounded by all that healing energy, all that possibility.

I like the idea of having a healing room. Although I work with people by phone, I wish I had a dedicated space that was filled with healing energy. With crystals, essential oil blends, flower essences, elemental harmony and reiki energy. Until then, I wonder if it would be good to create a ritual for starting work each day. An invocation, maybe?

And then there's the enchantment...

I want me some more of that!

Right at the end of the year, I created a plan for this year that would include moments of magic, but then, never gave it another thought. I've had some mystical moments. But ... I think I'd like to create magic and enchantment and wonder, too.

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