Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Celebrating Heath


I am sitting out on my balcony, toward the end of one of the warmest and most gorgeous days we've had in a while!

I took a walk earlier this afternoon and it is just beautiful out there!!

The trees gave me love, as usual, and I just felt so peaceful. Nearly idyllic, at times, during the walk. Just felt the lovely caress of a breeze through the balcony screen. Still feeling pretty darn good.


In the background of my head, I hear the song, "Can't Cry Hard Enough" and I am still feeling the sense of bewildered loss I've had for a week now, ever since Heath Ledger died! It's so weird to revel in the whispering of the trees, to watch them dance and sway, to stare at those white fluffy clouds, and the next moment have this melancholy wave pass by, and sometimes stop to sit for a spell.

To my right, one of the trees looks golden, bathed by the light of the sun. There's this sense of stillness and strength even as they wave with their branches.

And I get the sense that Heath is flying in the sky, fully free, boundless and happy. A little more distant, too, then I've felt him before. Do they gradually move farther and farther away after they die? If so, that doesn't bode well for Tildy!

A group of us from the Ultimate Brokeback Forum (and others we love) decided to celebrate Heath today by wearing orange or stripes or Fat Albert hats or whatever we've got that reminds us of his unique fashion sense...


We also placed an ad in Variety which came out today...


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