Friday, February 1, 2008

My Son, the Rock Star!

"Do you want to lay your head on my shoulder? I don't mind!"...

This little snippet, from the Kleenex commercial we see almost every day, was my favorite from my son's impromptu rock concert. I shouted out, "Dude, you rock! Dude, you totally rock!" and he responded with, "thank you, San Diego!" (uh, no, that's not where we live).

Homeschooling went well today and since Friday is the start of my weekend, we had the afternoon free.

I'm a little sniffly and sneezy, and have cancelled my plans to attend a party thrown by one of the couples at my church, but was determined to enjoy the day as much as possible. One dose of Airborne, lunch, and we were both ready to rock and roll!!

It's a beautiful day! Unseasonably warm, with bright sunshine and a breeze just cool enough. All the windows are open and the wind keeps threatening to close the balcony door. I'm loving the afternoon.

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